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Another successful TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco is in the books! just returned from one of the U.S.’s biggest startup conferences and we can confidently say that it was a total success.


When we arrived at the Hackathon on Saturday morning, a long line of anxious hackers stretched across Pier 70’s parking lot. The hackers were ready to get down to business and so were we! As teams developed their projects, was there to make sure all domain name needs were met. We registered 87 .CLUB domains at the Hackathon alone, securing .CLUB’s credibility and popularity among startups. Teams were able to immediately register their domain with the help of the Lego-brick Domain Cave. The Domain Cave took a risky journey in the mail from Vancouver, WA so we were thrilled when it arrived in (mostly) one piece. Alongside the Domain Cave were stacks of swag ready for Hackathon attendees. As always, our nerd glasses were a hit, especially with the Built By Girls hacking team. At midnight, we treated the hungry hackers to tamales and beer. The midnight snack was just what the teams needed to prepare themselves for their pitches on Sunday. The Hackathon competition was tough and we loved watching the .CLUB-backed teams pitch their ideas. We would like to congratulate Quickactions on their grand prize winning app!


The rest of the week was spent watching from our booth as startups competed in the Startup Battlefield. In between startup pitches, we were sure to keep our swag stocked. In addition to our usual nerd glasses, koozies, and backpacks, we brought along coupons for thirteen different startup-related top level domain extensions, including fan-favorite extension .BEER. Experts from .ME, .DESIGN, and .CLOUD hung around our booth to help startups and entrepreneurs choose a domain name to best support their next great idea. We couldn’t decide who we thought would win the Startup Battlefield. In the end, Agrilyst took the well-deserved top prize.


What did we do for fun outside of TechCrunch Disrupt? Our time was limited, but we made the best of it. The team loves to find awesome local restaurants. Our favorite had to be Marcella’s Lasganeria near Pier 70. We had authentic, homemade lasagna at the world’s only lasagneria with our friends from .DESIGN. We capped off our week by watching the sunset over the San Francisco skyline and celebrating 100,000 “Likes” on Facebook.


TechCrunch Disrupt continues to be one of the best startup events of the year. Hearing new ideas and watching them come to life at TechCrunch Disrupt is exactly what is all about. The creativity found at these events is second to none, especially for the startups using great domain hacks (we’re looking at you!). For a full list of TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco winners, head over to TechCrunch’s website. Don’t forget to add on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to receive the latest offers, domain news, and updates on what fun things the team is doing!

The Hackathon line outside of Pier 70

The Hackathon line outside of Pier 70

Hackathon in full swing

Hackathon in full swing

#BuiltByGirls rocking the nerd glasses

#BuiltByGirls rocking the nerd glasses

We loved the mission of #BuiltByGirls

We loved the mission of #BuiltByGirls swag swag

Ray King of .DESIGN helping an entrepreneur find a domain name

Ray King of .DESIGN helping an entrepreneur find a domain name

At Marcella's Lasagneria

At Marcella’s Lasagneria

Ray and Andrew of .DESIGN couldn't believe how many domain extensions are available on!

Ray and Andrew of .DESIGN couldn’t believe how many domain extensions are available on!

It’s the beginning of the month, which means it’s time for’s nTLD Roundup! For October, we’re covering nTLDs for two industries where social causes and passions come alive. If you need a little inspiration, look no further than .NGO/.ONG and .PHOTOGRAPHY.

NGO_ONG_600X315 (1)

Are you a non-governmental organization or nonprofit? Secure your credibility with a .NGO domain extension! Only available to validated non-governmental organizations and nonprofits, a .NGO domain name will identify your organization as trustworthy among the Internet’s clutter. If you’re concerned about language barriers due to your global operations, you don’t need to be! Every .NGO registration comes with an .ONG registration in the same name. This ensures your organization’s validated status will be easily understood around the world. Don’t let your audience have any doubt about your commitment to your cause. Register your .NGO today.



They say a picture is worth a thousand words but with a .PHOTOGRAPHY domain name, you’ll say it all with just one. .PHOTOGRAPHY will make a bold statement about your passions regardless of your photography experience. With no registration restrictions, you can customize your .PHOTOGRAPHY-backed website to fit your needs, whether that includes an online portfolio, e-commerce store, or even a personal blog. For photographers new and old, .PHOTOGRAPHY has the power to help build your brand.


You can find .NGO/.ONG, .PHOTOGRAPHY, and 350+ other domain extensions all on Looking to register your domain and launch your website all in one spot? has website builder tools and services, web hosting plans, and 24/7 support to keep your site up and running. Take that first step towards starting your next website by searching for that perfect domain name.

banner (1)

It doesn’t matter if your passions come alive at book club, at rock climbing club, or even at a nightclub. The domain extension for you is .CLUB. As one of the most popular nTLDs to date, .CLUB is in high demand. And at you don’t have to pay a premium price. With our $1.99 .CLUB Giveaway, you can score your first year of .CLUB for less than a cup of coffee.

On October 7 starting at 9am EDT visit the giveaway link to enter. Set your alarms to make sure you’re on time! We only have 500 .CLUB coupons available. The first 500 participants to complete the form will receive an exclusive coupon code good for a $1.99* first year .CLUB domain name. When does the giveaway end? At 9pm EDT or when the 500 coupons run out, whichever comes first. Based off the popularity of .CLUB, we’re willing to bet the 500 coupons will be gone fast. You don’t want to be late, so set a second alarm if you have to.

Bookmark this link so you have it for October 7:

For reminders and the most up to date information on the $1.99 .CLUB Giveaway, follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Good luck!



*LIMITED TIME OFFER. CLUBGIVE coupon and offer ends October 30, 2015 at 11:59pm Pacific. CLUBGIVE is valid for one $1.99 .CLUB domain for one first year registration. All renewals on products and services after the initial discounted period will be charged at the current standard list price for the selected period. Coupon is not valid with TLDs other than .CLUB, premium domains, existing products and services, renewals, transfers, custom website design, other coupons, or special pricing. Limit one coupon and one $1.99 .CLUB domain per customer, email address, and/or account for the entirety of this promotion. Offer not valid in China, Thailand, or Vietnam.


Launch Great Ideas with at TechCrunch (5) is heading to San Francisco! We’ll be attending one of the most anticipated technology conferences of the year for a week of celebrating startups and the technology that makes their ideas possible. TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco is one of our favorite events and it all kicks off on September 19.

We’ll begin our time in San Francisco at the Hackathon. Teams of developers and engineers have less than twenty-four hours to develop a new product and present it to a panel of judges. Make no mistake, these teams are creating products with real potential. One notable Hackathon alum is GroupMe, a popular messaging app recently acquired by Skype. You might be asking yourself how teams stay fueled up for a full twenty-four hours. We determined the best source of energy comes from tamales and beer and that’s what we’ll be serving at midnight on Saturday! If you’re attending the Hackathon as either a participant or attendee, keep an eye out for our table and grab some swag.

On Monday, Hackathon participants will be catching up on sleep and the three day conference will begin. Speakers with ties to companies like FitBit and Pinterest will take the stage, established startups will compete in the Startup Battlefield, and young startups will exhibit their products to attendees for a last minute bid to the Startup Battlefield. We will be located at our table doing our usual routine of handing out swag and talking about domains, but this year we have some new surprises. To begin with, the Domain Cave will be making its TechCrunch Disrupt debut after its hit appearance at OSCON. Even more exciting is our first ever Beat the Industry Expert challenge. Attendees will have the chance to compete head-to-head with top domain experts to determine the best domain name for their great idea. An unbiased judge will determine the winning domain name and award prizes. Stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook for as we reveal the identities of our industry experts and publish challenge times.

We’re so excited to get to San Francisco to see thousands of hours of hard work and innovation come to life. On top of posting Beat the Industry Expert details on our social media accounts, we will also be chronicling our time in the Bay Area using #DomainDisrupt. So keep an eye out for our latest updates and celebrate startups, technology, and innovation with us all week long!


If you’re a follower of on social media, you already know that we love our friends over at Hak5. If you’re not familiar with them, Hak5 is a group of IT ninjas, security professionals, and hardcore gamers who have been producing popular tech videos on YouTube for over ten years. We’re always impressed by host Darren Kitchen’s ideas, and when he proposed a Drone Battle Arena, we couldn’t say no.


The Drone Battle came to life at Hak5’s Open House on August 29 in Richmond, California. The Hak5 crew opened their warehouse doors for an afternoon of hacking, tech, and fun with fans. The custom Drone Battle Arena was a hit with participants as they competed tournament style to declare a winner. Drone Battle losers were consoled with free t-shirts and koozies. .CLUB also joined in on the Open House fun, providing stickers, koozies, and other giveaways for attendees to grab.


While some participants battled their drones in the Arena inside, others soaked in the California sun outside with BBQ and corn hole. The and .CLUB koozies became particularly helpful to keep beers cold in the Bay Area rays. Hak5 capped off the afternoon with 3D printing, a LAN party, and drone racing.


If you haven’t watched Hak5 on YouTube yet, you definitely should. And if the Hak5 Open House or Drone Battle sounds like something you’d be interested in, visit and to sign up for Hak5 related updates. You don’t want to miss the next Hak5 Open House! And if you haven’t followed us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook yet, get to it! We share some of Hak5’s latest updates, as well as other important sales, giveaway information, and more. and .CLUB swag for Hak5 fans. and .CLUB swag for Hak5 fans.

Everything tastes delicious on the Grill!

Everything tastes delicious on the Grill!

Drone Battle Arena Drone Battle Arena

Hak5's Darren and Shannon putting their koozies to use.

Hak5’s Darren and Shannon putting their koozies to use.

How cool is the Arena?

We wonder who won this round?

Thanks for rocking the t-shirt Darren!

Thanks for rocking the t-shirt Darren! Drone Battle Arena Drone Battle Arena close up

With the new month comes a new nTLD Roundup! Every month it’s our goal to alert our readers to some of our favorite nTLDs. For September, we’re featuring some of the most popular nTLDs to date. These nTLDs also happen to be perfect for TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco, which is attending later this month. Let us introduce you to .ONLINE, .DESIGN, .WEBSITE!



.ONLINE is brand new and in high demand. .ONLINE broke records with over 28,000 registrations in its first thirty minutes of general availability. Recognized in over twenty-four languages and currently included in over 700,000 domain names, the word “online” has instant global appeal. Harness the power of “online” and shorten your domain name all at once. Instead of YourBusinessOnline.COM, become YourBusiness.ONLINE. Domains are not this popular without reason, so join the thousands of others who have already chosen .ONLINE as their new domain extension.



Imagine having a website dedicated to your creative designs. It doesn’t matter if it’s graphic design, fashion design, or interior design; in this digital world, you need a place to showcase your talents! Now it’s possible with .DESIGN. Declare your commitment to producing beautiful designs with a website backed by .DESIGN.



Don’t settle for a complicated domain name. Instead, get a .WEBSITE! With a .WEBSITE domain name, your business has the opportunity to grab a piece of prime internet real estate. Easy to search for and easy to remember, .WEBSITE can help lead your business to better branding and a higher recall value.


Interested in .ONLINE, .DESIGN, or .WEBSITE? Head on over to! Not only can you search for one of the nTLDs featured in this blog, but you can also browse 300+ other domain extensions. Why wait? Your perfect domain name is waiting at



At first glance, Google+ is the black sheep of social media. There was a ton of buzz surrounding Google+ before it opened to the public and then all that excitement just kind of… vanished. How many times have you heard someone say, “Who even uses Google+?” Well, as it turns out, a lot of people do! A quick search tells us that as of March 2015 there are 300 million active Google+ users. That’s a huge opportunity to reach a new audience and it shouldn’t go to waste. has a Google+ page and we admit that when we started we weren’t the savviest page on the platform. Over the past few months, we have been attempting to utilize Google+ in the same way we use Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, Google+ can feel very foreign compared to its counterparts and we quickly figured out that Google+ involved a learning curve. Part of the learning process is a lot of research, testing, and exploring to see what works. The result is this list of surprising and useful features that are valuable to any Google+ beginner.

  1. Titles are encouraged on posts. This was a weird concept for us at first. Titles on social media posts seem counterintuitive. On Google+, though, we learned that this is a key aspect of building your online presence. Google considers every post made on Google+ to be a web page. The “web page’s” content is determined by the first sentence of your post. Further, this web page status means every post is eligible to appear as a result in a Google search. Google uses the first sentence of your post as the headline that customers will see in a search. By making that first sentence a title, you’re providing Google the information it needs for accurate SEO. Long story short: always make your first sentence a title and make that title effective!
  2. Google+ allows you to format posts! This is particularly useful for those titles we were just talking about above. Use *asterisks* to bold, _underscores_ to italicize, and -hyphens- to create strikethroughs. Use formatting to highlight certain information or to organize the text in your posts. Formatting your post on Google+ will help your page appear professional and easy to navigate.
  3. Hashtags are used on Google+. Same as other social media networks, hashtags help categorize posts and clicking on a hashtag brings you to all related content. To assist with brand consistency, use the same hashtags you currently use on Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Circles are kind of confusing at first glance but they help immensely with targeting on Google+. With the ability to sort followers into customized Circles, you can always be sure the right message goes out to the right people. Simply select which audiences you want to target while publishing a post. If a Circle is small enough, you can even choose to send posts directly to followers’ email inboxes. Don’t underestimate the power Circles provides to a small business. Have a sale aimed at loyal customers? Identify and create a “loyal customers” Circle and, boom, you have an instant targeting strategy. How you choose to group your followers is completely up to you and your small business.
  5. Followers are more than an arbitrary number on Google+. We all know more followers on other platforms means more impressions for your business page, but followers take on a whole new meaning on Google+. The more followers you have, the more legitimacy you have with Google, and the higher your search ranking with them.
  6. Google+ users are all about the communities. Join some communities that are relevant to you and your business. No matter your interest, industry, or location, there is bound to be a Google+ community for you. mostly follows small business and technology-based communities. We leverage these communities by sharing many of our blog posts with them. In return, we have access to a constant stream of articles, blogs, and information posted by others in the community. Need advice? Ask a question and members are sure to chime in. Grow your network and your knowledge by being active within Google+ communities.

If you’re not currently on Google+, we suggest getting started today. Don’t let the potential of 300 million active users go to waste. With these six tips and features, you have a solid foundation to build your business page. From there you will be able to determine what works best for you and your audience. Need some inspiration? Check out’s Google+ page to see what we’re doing. recently spent a week at OSCON in our hometown of Portland, Oregon. Year after year, we are impressed and inspired by OSCON’s presenters. We’re excited to share our favorite talks with all of our readers who couldn’t make the trip to OSCON. It doesn’t matter if you’re an open source guru or not, these talks offer a little bit of everything for everybody. Here’s our list of favorite talks from OSCON 2015.

Keila Banks is only 13 years old and already presenting at OSCON. Keila discusses coding and how it has helped define her character. If you want to see an incredibly self-aware and driven teenager evaluate labels and technology, this talk is for you.

Who doesn’t want to be a superhero in the open source community? Dr. Angel Diaz of IBM discusses the responsibility developers have in code, community, and culture.

Paul Fenwick provides comic relief as he discusses the disconnect between technology and today’s realities. Paul argues that the future of technology is already here and we don’t even realize it.

Beth Tucker Long breaks down hacking and the warning signs your website has been injected with malware. Learn what steps you should take to clean up your hack and when you should ask for help.



IMG_0694’s OSCON Booth

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 3.23.35 PM

Beautiful view while flying in to PDX.

Once again, had a blast at OSCON 2015! The whole OSCON team assembled in our hometown of Portland, Oregon for a week of open source and technology. It was our fourth year exhibiting at OSCON and we think it might have been the best one yet. How do we know it went so well? Because we gave away almost all of our swag!

We brought along some new surprises for 2015. Our newest giveaway was our custom scratch cards. Grand prizes in this giveaway included drones, Raspberry Pis, and Nerf guns. Just like its lottery counterpart, our scratch cards meant that OSCON attendees had a statistically small shot at winning some big prizes. Don’t worry about our scratch card “losers” though; they didn’t walk away empty-handed! Every person that visited our booth had the opportunity to grab t-shirts, flash drives, koozies, and more.

Also new for 2015 was the debut of the Domain Cave custom built from black and red Lego bricks. In the Domain Cave, OSCON attendees could browse through the 300+ domain extensions available on to find their perfect match. The Domain Cave received many kind comments about its SNOT technique and we were happy to pass along the compliments to our Cave designer.

We can’t pick just one favorite moment at OSCON. Between the scratch cards, the Booth Crawl, and all the giveaways, it’s nearly impossible to choose. But at the top of the list are all the conversations we had with the OSCON attendees. We want to say thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth and followed along on social media. Chatting with both new and old customers face-to-face is exactly what makes events like OSCON worthwhile. We hope you enjoyed the swag.

Until next time, OSCON!


The OSCON team was a little excited.

Our scratch card drone winner!

Our scratch card drone winner!

These guys won a Raspberry Pi and a free domain!

These guys won a Raspberry Pi and a free domain!


Too much swag to carry! The backpacks were a huge hit.

Booth crawl koozies.

Booth crawl koozies.


Too much swag to fit in the SUV. By the end of the week, all of our leftover supplies were easily packed into a Honda Fit.

Awesome tye die shirt.

Awesome tye die shirt.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 10.27.20 AM

We made some time to visit Pok Pok for dinner.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 3.23.19 PM

Local craft beers were featured at the OSCON Booth Crawl.


New friends wearing the nerd glasses.

It’s time for another installment of’s monthly nTLD Roundup! Every month, it’s’s goal to alert our readers to some of our favorite nTLDs. For August we’re featuring two brand new, highly anticipated domain extensions. Without further adieu, we’d like to introduce you to .NEWS and .TECH!


new_800X320Own your story with .NEWS. Perfect for bloggers, journalists, or media companies, .NEWS is a distinct and defining domain name. This nTLD hit general availability in mid-July with a special introductory price of $17.99/year that can be found only on Don’t wait to register your .NEWS! This discounted price will only be around until August 15.


tech_800X320Get ready, .TECH enters general availability on August 5! Set your website apart from the millions of businesses, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts with a .TECH domain name. Ahead of the curve, savvy, and specific a .TECH domain will be a valuable indicator of your expertise. With a .TECH-backed website, your audience will instantly know where your talents and interests lay.


No matter what your passion may be, has all your domain needs covered. With 300+ domain extensions available for immediate registration, you’ll always be able to find a domain to fit any need. Remember, it all starts with a great domain!